How to remember where I put my car keys.

I do not have a powerful memory. I cannot always remember birthdays and anniversaries. I sometimes cannot even remember where I put my car keys!

To help myself remember, I went to study some memory techniques which I can apply. I was very impressed when I attended a preview of a seminar on “How to improve your memory.” The speaker was very impressive and could remember a list of 50 random words which the audience came up with. It started with the speaker asking the audience to suggest 50 words which he wrote on the white board. After finishing writing all the 50 words, he turned away from the whiteboard and then proceeded to read out all the 50 words from memory, in the order in which they were written. He could even recite the words in the reversed order. When we were asked to repeat the words we could only managed a few words and not in the order in which they were written.

The speaker then proceeded to explained that he used his imagination to remember the words and their order in which they were written. I will try to explain the method that he used to remember all the words. Suppose you want to remember five words in a particular order. Let us say that the five words are as follows:

1.            Cake
2.            Grass
3.            Airplane
4.            Mary
5.            Umbrella

The method is to image a giant cake made of grass. Just then an airplane flew into the grass cake with Mary the pilot carrying an umbrella.

So you can easily picture in your mind and remember the cake made from grass with an airplane flying through it with Mary the pilot carrying an umbrella.

Or you can remember it backwards in the following manner. The umbrella was carried by Mary who was piloting the airplane and flying through a huge mold of grass that looks like a giant cake.   

This memory technique is very good when I want to remember a list of words but I find it does not work very well, when I want to remember where I put my car keys! The reason is that I did not make an effort to remember where I put my car keys. You see, to remember something you must make an effort to remember. But if you do not make an effort to remember, you can’t remember it at all. This usually happens when I get home and I absentmindedly toss my car keys somewhere. It is somewhere, I can’t remember where. That’s when I can’t remember where I put my car keys.

So, what is the solution? What is your solution to this problem? Is it even a problem? It becomes a problem when you cannot find your car keys.

My solution to this is to put a little basket on the table, near to the door. When I get home, each time I will toss the car keys into this little basket. It is a very simple trick and it works every time. Well to be honest not every time. Sometimes, the car keys stayed in my pockets because I forgot to toss them into the little basket.  

What about remembering birthdays and anniversaries?

I use my hand phone for reminders on birthdays and anniversaries. My hand phone has a calendar application. I just click on the date in the calendar and a screen pops up where I key in the information on birthdays, anniversaries and whatever events that I want to be reminded of. It even comes with a function that makes your hand phone buzz or ring on the time when you want to be reminded of the event. Let’s say that you have a meeting on the 20th. December at 3.00 pm. You can set the reminder at 2.00 pm on the same day. So, at 2.00 pm, 20th. December, your hand phone will buzz or ring and reminds you of the meeting at 3.00 pm.                                                     

This is my method for remembering anything that is of importance to me and I hope this will help you to remember too.

Have a good day!


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